Why Graphite

Market & Applications

Why Our Company's Graphite Is Sought-After

  • Next Graphite’s Aukam site contains a rare mixing of geothermal waters providing naturally precipitated graphite as solid carbon with a highly perfect crystallinity. The result is a special form of graphite known as “lump” or vein
  • Aukam’s high-end, clean Lump Graphite has a low sulphur content and is available in only a few locations worldwide, including our Aukam site in Namibia, and in Sri Lanka.
  • Limited worldwide supply of Lump Graphite has made this type of graphite extremely valuable to end users that desire this type of graphite for their value-added manufacturing supply chain.

Graphite for Lithium-Ion and Fuel Cell Markets

  • Graphite is the preferred anode (positive electrode) material needed in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and in Electric Vehicles (EV)
  • Substantial demand for new graphite production needed to power batteries
  • Li-Ion market growing as a result of consumer electronics, fuel cells for HEV, Plug-In HEVs and EV vehicles and energy storage
  • Estimates for size of Li-Ion markets estimated at ~$250B by 2020
  • Major US and Global car manufacturers are increasing production of HEV, PHEV and EV vehicles
  • Nickel hydride batteries are being replaced with Li-Ion power sources due to cost improvements

Other Graphite Applications

  • High Quality Diamonds
  • Solar Panels
  • Thermally Conductive Polymers
  • Hard Metals including Steel and Carbide Drills
  • Additive for Chemical Fertilizers, Plastics and Rubber
  • Raw Material for Graphite Foil
  • High Temperature Coatings
  • Semiconductors
  • Construction Materials